Services Provided by CyberTek Professionals

CyberTek Solutions knows that the ultimate success of any product is in supporting the needs of the customer. To this end, the CyberTek customer support team is staffed with very knowledgeable hardware and software technicians that are committed to helping the customer. CyberTek is committed to providing outstanding customer support, growing strong relationships with customers, and building lasting quality into its products.

Our services include:

  • VIDEX Authorized Reseller (all Videx products portfolio, software and hardware).
  • "State of The Art" technology (Software and Hardware) in for security access management. Electronic Intelligent Locks and Keys (CyberLokcs and CyberKeys) programming and auditing applications.
  • Web access (remote) to applications and Data Bases for costumers (Companies) in USA and Latin America.
  • Customized applications with secure, independent and confidential access codes per Costumer.
  • Professional advice for Costumers System and Applications requirements.
  • The CyberTek Solutions Servers and applications are hosted in one of The NAP of The Americas main nodes in South Florida, offering the highest market standards in connectivity and network stability.
  • 24/7 bilingual Costumer technical support in applications management.
  • System Training (hardware and software) at Costumer facilities in USA and Latin America and/or at CyberTek Solutions LLC. facilities in South Florida, USA and/or at Videx Inc. facilities in Corvallis, Oregon USA.
  • Product installation support (if it is required).